Stop biting your nails and just pick a direction!

From which major should I study, which career path should I pursue, should I get married or should I break up, should we have kids now or wait one more year, to what do you want for dinner, should we go out or stay in, which dress to wear tonight…

Endless number of questions and endless line of decisions to take.

Hard enough the decision, comes the doubt and guilt afterwards – did I make the right decision, am I going to regret it, oh God I should have done the opposite….

Have you ever thought why you come to a point that you are so torn between several choices? Have you ever thought about what makes that decision so very hard to take?

A hard decision is only hard when the outcomes of your choices are so similar.

In an easy decision there is always one alternative better than the other however in a hard choice the outcomes of both alternatives are so similar making it so hard for you to make up your mind.

So whenever you are in front of a brain teaser, do not take it for granted, pick up that pen and paper, write down the good and bad of each option you have and pair each point with a number that would represent its importance and weight of effect on you.

This method can help you take that decision in 2 ways:

  • You get to see each point of strength/weakness regarding the alternatives you have.
  • You get to weight know exactly which point really matters to you.

Yes I know how time consuming can it be, or maybe boring or whatever excuse you may find, but trust me force yourself to do it once and you will do it every time.


God!! how old fashioned have i sounded up there, pick up that “pen and paper”… i actually meant your iPad 🙂

What’s for dinner?

My partner and I have been together for around 6 years now, and we seem to be doing pretty well.

Like all couples we argue a lot but come around each time, it’s not rocket science we just try to meet each other half way, and when that doesn’t work we just agree to disagree. It is not easy I know but not that hard, but just saying lots of couples I know should try that.

But see the thing is that no matter how well we got it all figured out and no matter how much we seem to have it together, it appears to me that we always fail at simple decisions making. Enters the questions “what do you want for dinner”, “where do you want to go”.

It is amazing how two well rounded adults cannot come to answer those 2 simple questions.

Believe me it is within less than a second that any of these 2 questions can declare world war III in da house.

I am telling you not even the most eligible relationship guru out there can figure out the answer to these questions.

So if you have that same thing going on for you, fear not, you are not the only one out there, i guess 99% of the world population has that same argument going each night….

Just Saying